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Post  sunset30 on Fri May 29, 2009 10:53 am

I have been experimenting with these for a couple of weeks - oddly it is NOT chocolate or chips or crisps or takeaway or any of that stuff I miss, it's the crunchy buscuit type things, so, I am giving these a whirl.

No one told me they were so delicious though!

I originally tried the yoghurt break ones, but they are too sweet even for me, and a bit odd tasting
However, I ahve discovered wholemeal crisp slices (or some such), with raspberry adn cranberry and really, they are a treat even if you weren't dieting!

Plus, I hav emotional, binge eating tendancies, and since these are all packed up in 1 portion worth, then you just stop eating when you finish your little packet - which means it's all controlled for me! (sad I know, but for me it helps, cos if I bought a packet of biscuits, I would just eat all of them!)

So, having corrected the one feeling of deprivation I was experiencing, my diet and exercise plan is going really well! I can honestly say I ahven't had ONE cheat yet - and although I KNOW I will never look in the mirror and not see a HUGELY fat person, and, these things are very slow, so I WILL still be a hugely fat person for ages yet, I know I am getting fitter - which is the most important thing

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